Vase Designs

Cheerful Vase $69

Lily Vase

Autumn Grandeur $59

Delicate Design $75

Autumn Collection $100

Classic Vase $89

Fall Splendor $89

Lavender Collection $100

Fall Gathering $75

Beautiful Collection $89

Autumn Blush $50

Garden Collection $55

Autumn Beauty $65

Lily Vase $69

Lovely Vase $100

Wild Flower Vase $89

Beautiful Elegance $75

Kylie's Collection $59

Delicate Grandeur $100

Tall Vase $100

Larkspur Vase $75

Pastel Delight $65

Stunning Collection $65

Garden Design $89

Delicate Design $75

A florist in Denville NJ since 1949

We are the local family owned Denville Florist in Denville, NJ. Our Denville Florist in Denville was established in 1949 at its present location and has operated uninterrupted since then. We design and staff represents three generations of florists in Denville, NJ. We are one of the oldest, most experienced, well- known, florists in Denville New Jersey.

When it has to special, it should be

Denville Florist.

Denville Florist

299 Route 46 East
Denville NJ 07834
973 586 9692